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Bruker MetaboBASE® Personal Library 3.0

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The Bruker MetaboBASE® Personal Library 3.0 has been generated in collaboration with Professor Gary Siuzdak of The Scripps Center for Metabolomics, La Jolla, California, USA.

Main Features:

  • MS/MS spectra from more than 100,000 endogenous metabolites, pesticides, drugs and other chemical entities
  • Obtained from synthetic or isolated standards derived from the well-known METLINTM compound library (METLIN is a trademark of The Scripps Research Institute.)
  • Measured in both positive and negative ionization modes at multiple collision energies
  • Meta data includes InCHi, SMILES, CAS identifiers, synonyms, and hyperlinks to external databases including HMDB, and PubChem
  • Contains ~ 700.000 in-silico generated MS/MS spectra for more than 233.000 compounds (compatible with MetaboScape > 4.0)