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SW-License SCiLS MVS (Multi-Vendor)

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SCiLS MVS (multi-vendor support) is an optional feature module extending SW-Package SCiLS that allows analyzing data from other mass spectrometry vendors and data stored in the vendor-neutral imzML format.


Requires an existing SW-Package SCiLS and cannot be licensed alone. This perpetual software license extension enables reading mass spectrometry imaging data stored in several vendors’ proprietary data formats as well as the vendor-neutral imzML format.

  1. Supports reading of imaging data in the .RAW folder format created with Waters MassLynx software. Only MS order 1 datasets are supported, ion mobility or multiple-reaction settings are not supported.
  2. Supports data import of spatially organized Thermo Fisher Scientific data created with MALDI imaging sources. Support for various vendors in both centroid and profile format (.raw files). The following supported sources from the respective vendors are automatically detected: MALDI ImageQuest, MassTech AP-MALDI, TransMIT AP-MALDI, Spectroglyph MALDI Injector. Only MS order 1 datasets are supported, higher order MS are not supported.
  3. Supports importing data from the vendor-neutral imzML format for storing mass spectrometry imaging data. A wide range of proprietary software and open source-software can write or convert data in this format.


This optional feature module extends the reading capability of single measurements of the SW-Package SCiLS to the above mentioned data formats. For imzML, a single measurement is defined as not exceeding a maximum of 40,000 spectra. The restriction to single measurements can be lifted with SW-License SCiLS Pro, to be purchased separately.

With the order, a valid customer email address must be specified. The software license ticket will be sent to this email address.

Requires Microsoft Windows 10 64 Bit operating system.

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