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SCiLS Pro Software One Year License

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SCiLS Pro is an optional feature module extending SW-Package SCiLS allowing advanced processing and analysis of mass spectrometry imaging data. It is offered as an annual subscription which has to be re-newed at the end of each subscription period.

Product features:

Extended capabilities for statistical analysis of multiple MALDI imaging data sets of virtually unlimited size. Includes the following statistical analysis and machine learning tools: Comparative analysis for uncovering discriminative m/z-markers, component analysis for extraction of underlying trends and patterns, classification models for categorization of unlabeled samples, workflow for absolute quantitation for MS imaging data. Extends the SCiLS API by methods for writing data into SCiLS files.


Requires an existing SW-Package SCiLS and cannot be licensed alone. SW-Package SCiLS is sold separately (included in Bruker’s Imaging StarterKits and instrument bundles). Can be added to an existing SW-Package SCiLS purchased earlier. Compatible with SW-License SCiLS MVS.


After activation, the license key automatically expires after the subscription period of one year (365 days). After expiration of the SW-License SCiLS Pro, the product features of SW-Package SCiLS will remain available for new data. Existing data created with SW- License Pro can still be opened and visualized (read-only). To re- activate the product features provided with SW-License SCiLS Pro, a new license with the desired run-time needs to be purchased. The new subscription period will start immediately after the end of the previous subscription period.

With the order, a valid customer email address must be specified. The software license ticket will be sent to this email address.

Requires Microsoft Windows 10 64 Bit operating system.

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