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SPE-it Kit

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SPE-it™ kit is a ready to use solution for efficient, targeted DART MS analysis of biological samples. The kit contains:

  • 5 96 well plates
  • 96 SPME fiber
  • Deep Well Plate shaker
  • 2 SPME holders (each holds 12 fibers) and module for use with automation hardware

SPE-it™ tips are coated with either C18 or PDMS-DVB bonded silica particles embedded in a biocompatible polymer. Because the tips are commonly used with biological fluids, it is recommended that each tip only be used for one sample. The tips can be manipulated manually or by robotic equipment. 

Additionally available:

  • SPE-it Module Tops, pack of 4
  • SPE-it Tips, C18 
  • SPE-it™ Tips, PDMS/DVB