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T-Rex Elute M-column Kit

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Dedicated T-ReX Elute Metabolomics-kit: RP used for non-targeted metabolomics applications based on T-ReX LC-QTOF solution. The kit simplifies the sample preparation for typical clinical research samples, including urine and plasma, since no LC-MS/MS parameter optimization is required. The Reversed-Phase LC column kit for Elute UHPLC enables matching of retention times to values in the Bruker HMDB Metabolite Library 2.0. The impact II for MS/MS data acquisition uses optimized parameters and its robust performance is the basis for high quality data acquisition, enabling extensive profiling studies of complex samples. 

Learn more about the simplified T-ReX LC-QTOF Metabolomics Solution.

The T-Rex Elute M column kit includes three VanGuard pre-columns and one Intensity Solo HPLC Column, C18, 2, 2x100

Analytical column details:
Length 100 mm
ID: 2.0 mm
Particle size: 2.0 µm
Pore size: 100 Å
Column type: RP
Stationary phase: C18v pH range: 2-8
Aqueous compatibility: up to 100 %

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