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Microtiter Plate Sealers

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To prevent sample evaporation, microtiter plates should always be covered with a plate sealer, especially during extended assays. Plate sealers are available in three different options: a pre-cut sealer for 96-well (deep) microplates which enables repeated piercing during assays, a sealer for 96-well (short) microplates for minimized sample evaporation, and a sealer for 384-well microplates.
These self-adhesive foils are compatible with polystyrene and polypropylene microtiter plates.
Available in packs of 100 sealers.
Note: Use only plate sealers supplied or recommended by Bruker Daltonics SPR as the use of unapproved plate sealers may result in damage of the SPR instrument! All cost related to this will be billable.