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AssureSST – System Suitability Test License

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AssureSST tests the NMR spectrometer and declares the instrument suitable for acquiring data on your samples.  It is an ideal tool for any analytical lab and walk-up NMR spectrometer where high spectral quality and minimal instrument optimization time is desired.


AssureNMR works only within IconNMR – Bruker’s automation software.  It does not require a sample changer, but one is highly recommended.  Samples for each test need to be purchased separately.



Top features

  • Predefined NMR tests for 1H lineshape, sensitivity (1H, 13C, 19F, 31P), temperature and quantitation calibration are included. User defined tests are possible to create from available templates.
  • Fully configurable to run on a schedule defined by administrator, or on-demand.
  • Uses industry standard samples for each test – samples are available from Bruker’s LabScape Webshop or any other vendor.
  • 2 license options are available: 1 year or 15 years
  • Supports Bruker TopSpin 3 and TopSpin 4

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Please note: You will receive your license via email after the purchase process has been verified.