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The Automated Goniometer Head (AGH) provides the ability to center samples on a single crystal diffractometer with motorized alignment using auto centering software. The AGH offers a simple magnetic mount to pop the sample into place, followed by user-friendly software aided alignment using the system's software suite.

Researchers choose to guide the optical centering by clicking on the visual centroid of the crystal shape displayed on the video image or to have the system automatically center the crystal sample in the X-ray beam.


  • Three-motor automated goniometer head with magnetic mount compatible with pins meeting ALS and SPINE standards
  • Control software: to handle optical and X-ray alignment via the three-motor goniometer head
  • USB connected controller for AGH


  • Translation ranges:
    > +/-1.0mm for X and Y axis
    > +/-2.5mm for Z axes
  • Electronic sample present detection
  • Encoder controlled Piezo motors
  • Automated repositioning to desired point
  • Resolution 2 micron
  • Max speed at room temperature >3.0 mm/sec
  • Mounts to a standard IUCR goniometer interface and is provided with magnetic mounting chuck
  • Manual control of motors for manual sample centering
  • Slip ring for of power and electrical signals transmission
  • 2 click optical centering
  • Fast, fully automated centering via coarse optical centering followed by X-ray centering

The AGH mounts via a magnet-mount interface to any D8 QUEST or D8 VENTURE system. It is fully integrated into the DAVINCI design plug & play concept.