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0.7mm MAS Rotor Tools

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The 0.7mm MAS Rotor Tool kit allows to safely load your sample. The kit includes:

  1. Grabbing tool: to safely grab and move the rotor and the caps
  2. Cap space check tool: checks, if there is enough space to fit the top cap into the rotor
  3. Sample packer 7: compresses the sample in the rotor
  4. Sample removal tool for the cap 7: removes sample excess
  5. Sample removal: used to remove and clean a already filled rotor
  6. Cap removal: removes caps
  7. Rotor clamp (Rotor fastener): holds the rotor
  8. Collet: holds the rotor for cap and bottom removal process
  9. Rotor cap removal: toll which is used to open an already closed rotor
  10. Pipette & pipette nozzle: help to place and remove the rotos into and from the probe
  11. Top cap guidance tool: helps to correctly position the top cap into the top cap holder
  12. Main guidance tool: guides the single parts during the sample preparation
  13. Bottom cap holder: holds the bottom caps
  14. Filling funnel: helps to fill the sample into the rotor
  15. Top cap holder: holds the top cap for accurate positioning of it into the rotor
  16. Support for the cleaning tool: helps to correctly guide the sam- ple removal tool
  17. Twizzers: emergency handling, if needed