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The Well-Tuned Instrument

AutoCalibrate maintains optimal performance levels of your NMR spectrometer, ensuring users are generating data of the highest quality no matter their level of NMR expertise.

Watch our video now to find out what AutoCalibrate can do for you:


AutoCalibrate monitors several key parameters including pulse length, temperature and shims, making sure they are always current. Designed to run daily, AutoCalibrate determines the optimal settings for each parameter then logs results, monitors deviations and, when warranted, updates necessary tables with best values.

AutoCalibrate runs under the IconNMR software program and will set proton (1H) pulse length, check carbon (13C) pulse, calibrate and store 3D shims, and adjust temperature parameters including flow and heater powers. Log files tracking all tests are stored and can be accessed easily by Bruker’s second level support teams when advanced troubleshooting is required.

Designed to run with minimal involvement on the part of the user, the administrator only needs to set the scheduling and priority levels; all other actions and reporting are fully automated.  AutoCalibrate will free up your time to do more of the science you enjoy instead of the maintenance you avoid.

AutoCalibrate can be run on hardware from Avance III to the most recent Avance Neo consoles and on all 5mm probes.

The product consists of:

  • 5mm NMR sample: 2mM sucrose in 90% H2O + 10% D2O
  • Special POM spinner affixed to the sample
  • 3 year codemeter license for use with TopSpin 3.6 or 4.0**

To ensure safe delivery, the sample is delivered in a Sample Case.  

Program requires TopSpin 3.6 or 4.0 versions of software.**

Industrial / Pharma license: P/N AH1510
Academic / Government license: P/N AH1510A

**Minimum software requirement is TopSpin 3.6.1 or 4.0.6.
**Runs within IconNMR. Does NOT require sample changer but one is highly recommended.

More info can be found here:

    Please note:
    • You will receive your license via email after the purchase process has been verified.
    • Our Bruker original Standard Reference Samples are composed, produced and stored in Switzerland only. Please expect a delivery lead time of 8 weeks.