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CMC-se for structure elucidation

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CMC-se is a NMR software package for simple and efficient structure elucidation of small molecules. It offers the complete elucidation workflow – from acquisition to final evaluation of generated structure candidates.

CMC-se is included in each TopSpin installation (3.6.x and 4.x). However, an additional license is required.

License Model: perpetual.

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Top features

  • Seamless integration of NMR acquisition and sophisticated software analysis (e.g. TopSpin contains predefined parameter sets tailored for the use together with CMC-se).
  • Unique in class for its robustness, tolerates mistakes in the data by eliminating invalid correlations
  • Flexible user interface allows the user to introduce any previous or acquired knowledge about the structure, dramatically decreasing the structure calculation time
  • Organizes the data for a molecule into a single project, and provides unique graphical tools for data visualization and interpretation

Results are  structures with chemical shift assignments and atoms correlations, in electronic format, ready to be reported or exported.


Please note: You will receive your license via email after the purchase process has been verified.