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Dynamics Center

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The Dynamics Center is a unique software for the analysis of series of 1D-3D NMR and 1D-2D TD data that apply to various dynamics applications.


The software is fully compatible with TopSpin, licenses apply to protein and TD applications, other methods are free of charge.



Top features

  • Easy to use because of a strongly method oriented work flow
  • Includes PDF report and EXCEL export
  • Automation via xml interface
  • Protein dynamics includes T1, T1rho, T2, Rex, backbone and sidechain modelling, Noe, Cest, Protein-ligand binding via T2
  • General dynamics includes T1, T2, T1rho, Diffusion, Kinetics, CP, Redor, Arrhenius and 2D Laplace
  • TD dynamics includes 1D and 2D applications and is used as part of the FormCheck and RheoNMR products
  • License is valid for 15 years


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