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SCiLS is the industry’s tool of choice for deriving new insights from mass spectrometry imaging data. Used across science and industry, the software sets new standards in analysis and visualization, simplifying everyday work and boosting research output. SCiLS supports all major fields of application, including biomarker discovery, mining large data sets, and pharma workflows.


Supports Bruker’s MALDI imaging data acquired on FLEX series MALDI-TOF systems, MALDI-MRMS, and MALDI-TIMS-MS systems. SCiLS integrates with the SpatialOMx workflow from MetaboScape and visualizes the annotated MALDI molecular tissue images of detected features (metabolites, lipids, glycans). For timsTOF fleX ion mobility data, SCiLS can display the mass-mobility images allowing CCS-aware data interpretation.

Product configuration and licenses:

  • Included: Perpetual floating software license for SCiLS Core for up to three concurrent users, allowing data visualization and performing statistical analysis for single MALDI imaging data sets (e.g. spatial segmentation and co-localization analysis). Managing regional annotations and meta-information for characterizing samples and regions of interest.
  • Optional extensions: The active feature set of SW-Package SCiLS can be extended with SW-License SCiLS Pro, SW-License SCiLS Premium 3D, and SW-License SCiLS MVS (Multi-vendor). The listed licenses must be purchased separately.

With the order, a valid customer email address must be specified. The software license ticket will be sent to this email address.

Requires Microsoft Windows 10 64 Bit operating system.

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