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PepSep Columns without column outlet

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Several standard coulms are available without connector at the column outlet and can be used on non-Bruker LCs.

Columns are available in different widths, length and Reprosil particle sizes.  Separation columns are packed with-best in-class ReproSil C18 1.5 µm, 1.9 µm or 3 µm beads with pore diameters between 100 and 120 Å.

For smooth, safe, and easy connections to the high-pressure end of the column (often via transfer line) the columns are equipped with the patented ultra-high pressure (UHP) connection. The UHP connection is tested to be used up to 1000 bar.

Length 100, 150 or 150 mm
Particle size 1.5, 1.9 or 3.0 µm
Pore size 120 A
Inner diameter 50, 75 or 200 µm
Column type RP
Stationary phase C18 ReproSil AQ
Max. Temperature 60 °C
Max Pressure 1000 bar
Inlet UHP