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Biotin-Tag Capture Sensor

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The Biotin-Tag Capture Sensor is based on a polycarboxylate hydrogel sensor with pre-immobilized Streptavidin on the surface and suitable to capture biotinylated ligands, mainly peptides, proteins, and DNA. The non-covalent interaction between biotin and streptavidin forms quickly and has a high affinity (KD = 10-15 M). Thus, it provides a stable immobilization level for capture-based assays and makes the sensor an alternative for ligands that are difficult to immobilize covalently.

As the streptavidin – biotin binding is unaffected by extremes of temperature, organic solvents, pH, and most denaturing agents, the interaction between analyte and ligand can be disrupted even under harsh regeneration conditions without a loss of reproducibility.

Product Specification

Biotin-Tag Capture-Sensor


Polycarboxylate hydrogel


Pre-immobilized Streptavidin

Application area

Capture biotin-tagged molecules


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