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AMIX Suite Version 4

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Feature differences:

Please check the specifications and differences between the AMIX Suite and the AMIX Viewer below.


AMIX Suite

AMIX Suite is used for the analysis of mixtures. It focusses on metabolomics based on NMR and LC-MS data and building and management of spectra bases. The software is fully compatible with TopSpin.

 Top features

  • AMIX contains the AMIX Viewer and various AMIX Tools.
  • Outstanding performance even when working with hundreds of spectra at the same time.
  • Parallel usage of different AMIX Tools possible to allow combination of results.
  • Multi variate statistics (PCA, PLS, SIMCA) directly integrated.
  • Strong support for combined usage of NMR and LC-MS data.
  • Interactive links between spectra scores, loadings, influence plots.
  • Statistical results directly connected to spectra base searches.
  • Advanced bucketing techniques.
  • With AMIX build your own spectra bases or use Bruker’s BBIOREFCODE
  • License is valid for 15 years


AMIX Viewer
The AMIX Viewer is used for basic analysis and viewing of spectra. The software is fully compatible with AMIX and TopSpin.

Top features

  • AMIX Viewer can visualize large numbers of spectra.
  • Access to spectra bases.
  • Basic analysis includes peak picking & integration.
  • Special analysis, e.g., combined JRES/1D usage available
  • Offers spectral patterns, advanced spectra calibration, baseline improvement
  • Access to the advanced AMIX tools, e.g., Buckets & Statistics, is not included


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