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NUS – Professional Processing Package

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Non Uniform Sampling (NUS) is an advanced acquisition technique for multi-dimensional NMR data which is fully supported by TopSpin. The acquisition of NMR data with NUS as well as the basic processing of 2D NUS data does not require an additional license.

This professional NUS processing package covers the processing of NUS data of three and more dimensions as well as advanced processing capabilities like e.g. “virtual echo”.

NUS – professional processing package is included in each TopSpin installation (3.6.x and 4.x), however an additional license is required.

License Model: perpetual

More info can be found here:

As well as under the Applications Tab of this TopSpin page:

 Top features

  • Processing capabilities of Bruker 3D-5D NMR data acquired with NUS
  • Advanced processing features for Bruker 2D NMR data acquired with NUS


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