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PepSep Trap Columns

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PepSep Trap Columns are available in different inner diameters and particle sizes. All PepSep trap columns have a total length of 6 cm and a column length of 2 cm.

The columns are available with different connectors:

  • Patented nanoConnect (nC) connector, ensuring a zero dead volume connection. By design, the nanoConnect system makes union and emitter connections quick, reliable, and straightforward.
  • PepSeal connector is a 10-32 thread female union which enables easy, precise and fast connection to most LC systems with 1/16 connectors.
Total length of the capillary 6 cm
Column length 2 cm
Inner diameter 100 or 150 µm
Column type RP
Particle size 3 or 5 µm
Pore diameter 120 Å
Stationary phase C18 ReproSil AQ
Connector nanoConnect or PepSeal