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Superclean Kit for Sierra SPR Instruments

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Convenience kit for an easy cleaning process of the microfluidic unit of all Sierra SPR instruments. It is intended to facilitate performance of the automated “superclean” method but can be used also for manually programmed cleaning methods. This kit contains ready-to-use solutions. It is recommended to perform a “superclean” run once a month.


Product Specification

Superclean Kit

Kit content


125 ml Desorb 1 (0.5% SDS)
125 ml Desorb 2 (50 mM Glycine, pH 9.5)

125 ml Sanitize (1% Na- Hypochlorite)

125 ml EDTA (50 mM, pH8.0)

125 ml 1% Acetic Acid


Desorb 1: keep at room temperature to avoid precipitation

All other kit components: store at 4-8°C


All Sierra SPR instruments

(Sufficient for 6 months maintenance)

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