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Target Screening 3.X Column Kit

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Target Screening 3.X Column Kit (1855424)

This column is part of the Target Screener solution (3.x and higher), which is used for the analysis of food/water samples for drugs, pesticides or mycotoxins, or equally challenging human/animal urine, saliva, or serum samples for poisons or drugsIt includes three VanGuard pre-columns and one Bruker Intensity Solo 1.8 C18-2 analytical separation column.

Intensity Solo 1.8 C18-2

Length: 100 mm
ID: 2.1 mm
Pore Size: 90 Å
Particle size: 1.8 µm
Column type: RP
Stationary phase: C18
pH range: 1,5-11,5
Aqueous compatibility: up to 95%